Kachin State

Kachin State

Kachin State is a beautiful state located northern of Myanmar and is adorned by the king of mountains, the Himalayas. Hkakabo Razi, the highest peak of Myanmar is also located here. Kachin is also home to the largest inland lake of Southeast Asia – Indawgyi Lake and the birthplace of Ayeyarwady River. The lush green farmlands on the banks of the river interspersed with snow-capped peaks present a postcard-perfect scene for visitors to admire. The state is also famous for the abundance of jade and gold. The sight of people in groups digging a panning for gold is quite common to be seen on the sides of Ayeyarwaddy River.

 Being the northernmost state, Kachin presents amazing natural views for tourists to enjoy. It is the birthplace of Ayeyarwaddy, the most important river of Myanmar. A short ride from Myitkina will take tourists to Myitsone, where MayKha and Malika rivers join together to form Ayeyarwaddy. The clear water and the cool climate is to be cherished. The extensive banks of Ayeyarwaddy are ideal for farming and hence, lush green farmlands are the most common view here. Kachin is also home to Indawgyi, Myanmar’s largest natural lake, a stunning and secluded destination for nature lovers. It is fairly untouched although adventure activities such as recreational fishing, kayaking, trekking and cycling are available.

 Kachin is the only state in Myanmar which is home to the mighty Himalayas. The snowcapped mountains are the birthplace of innumerable large and small rivers, lakes, flora and fauna. Tourists looking to enjoy the cool weather need to head out to towns nestled in the lap of the hills. Khakaborazi, the nation’s highest peak at 5,882m, is found in Kachin State. A mountainous region in the far north of Myanmar. It is also considered to be the highest mountain in Southeast Asia. The peak is enclosed within the Khakaborazi National Park, a mountainous park characterised by broad-leaved evergreen rain forest, semi-deciduous forest and snowy forest. The entire region is a treat to anyone who loves mountainous terrain.

 Kachin has a number of distinct towns each of which has a distinctive character to itself. Myitkina is the capital and is a busy town  which is also the business centre of Kachin State. A clean city with a cool climate, Myitkina is ideal for enjoying the scenic beauty of the Kachin region. A notable town located further north is Putao which is famous for the variety of birds and rare orchids. The forests on the east and west of Putao are filled with magnificent black orchids and the area provides excellent base to view the scenic beauty of the Himalayas, included its forests and rivers.


 Myitkina is the capital state of Kachin State and is renowned for its cultural, religious and ethnic diversity, attractive riverside or surrounds areas. A short drive from Myitkina takes a visitor to Myitsone, the largest inland lake of Southeast Asia. Myitkina has a lovely riverfront where a local market is operated regularly. A large standing and reclining Buddha image also adorn the river bank.

A journey of 45 kilometres to the north of Myitkina takes a visitor to Myitsone, the scenic confluence of the Mayhka and the Malikha rivers which join to form the Ayeyarwady river. The journey takes about one and a half hours and the road passes through breathtakingly scenic parts of Myanmar.
Inndawgyi Lake
Inndawgyi Lake, the largest inland lake of Southeast Asia is located in the Mohnyin Township in the Kachin State. The lake measure 13 km east to west and 24 km north to south. The lake has a wildlife sanctuary around it which contains a variety of species especially some rare mammals and birds.
Tourists looking forward to viewing some snow-capped peaks need to visit Putao, a quaint town nestled in the lap of the Himalayas. The town has a cold climate throughout the year and is characterised by people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds who are warm to tourists. Visitors will be able to see a number of flora and fauna here, especially rare species.

Shwe Mitzu Pagoda 
 Shwe Mitzu pagoda is an enchanting pagoda located on the west bank of the Inndawgyi lake. The pagoda consists of terraces, each of which is adorned with stone statues.
Kachin People
The hills of Kachin are inhabited by the Kachin or Chingpaw people who are characterised by a large number of tribes, sub-tribes and clans. Most numbers of Kachin people live in China and India and speak the Jinghpaw language and survive on farming on the hill.

 Manaw Festival
This festival is celebrated around the first week of January and attracts Kachin people from all over the world. The manaw dance is performed during this festival and originated as a part of the worship of Nat spirit from the past.

 Inn Daw Gyi Shwe Mitzu Pagoda Festival
Conducted for 8 days in March of every year, this festival is celebrated on the bank of the Inndawgyi lake. Prior to the festival, sandbanks emerge on the side of the lake, making it easier for pilgrims to reach the pagoda. Locals believe that one sandbank is for humans while the others is for spirits to visit the pagoda.
Thadingyut Light Festival
 Around the full moon day of Thadingyut, this festival is celebrated for 3 days throughout the country to commemorate the time when Buddha returned to earth after preaching in the above of celestials. People decorate their houses with candles and coloured lanterns to symbolize this event. This festival of lights also marks the end of Lent.